Crash Course for the Trading Room

Crash Course for the Trading Room

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We want to make sure everyone is familiar with the Trading Room. This is how you maximize your experience, which is key for coming away with the most insight and knowledge learned in your time with us. We will be covering these five topics.

  1. Get Familiar with Discord
  2. Channels Breakdown
  3. Alerts & Members Hub
  4. Educational Trading Course
  5. Other Trading Resources

Using Discord & Getting Started

To join the trading room, you will need to…

  • Have a Discord account. If you don’t have one, you can create an account first.
  • You will need an invite link from us. We provide this in the emails we sent when you signed up.
  • If you haven’t signed up, you can do so here.
  • You can also find it in your account dashboard if you’re already a member.

Once you join the Pure Power Picks server on Discord, you will be prompted with a message from our bot. The message will come from PurePowerBot #4414. Always confirm the numbers in the username are correct to be sure you’re not being scammed or fished when receiving DMs on Discord. 

For Premium Members

If you’re a premium member, you will be able to activate your account by using the bot. Simply follow instructions from the bot. Once you’ve activated your account you will receive access via the “Traders” role to all of the channels and benefits of the Trading Room. Detailed instructions here. If you’re not a premium member, that’s ok, you can still get access to the free features we offer. Non-premium members can ignore the bot message and navigate to the trading room server where you will see the rules channel.

For Non-Premium Members

Please read the rules and then react to the PurePowerBot green check mark message. This will give you “Analyst” role level access to the trading room. You’ll only be able to see some of the chat rooms and minimal data flow. You will get access to some of the AI alerts like scalping alerts, dark pool trades, insider trades, social spike AI and others. You also can see valuable trading news feeds in the trading floor chat room. 

Without the premium membership, you are restricted from seeing all the option flow data channels, the main trading chat rooms, the education course, the main trading room, additional breaking news feeds, the ability to use bot commands and much more.

Once you become a premium member through activation with the PurePowerBot to get your traders role, you will get access to everything.

Trading Room Channel Categories

Community Chat Rooms

On the left hand side of the Trading Room in Discord, you’ll see the list of channels broken down by categories. The first category is the chat room channels. This includes: 

  • the-lounge,
  • trading-floor,
  • swing-trading,
  • options-trading,
  • crypto-trading,
  • NFT-chat
  • long-term investment chats.

All of these chats are welcoming, so please feel free to say hi! Our members and mods are happy to help and chat about trading.

Chat Rooms in the Trading Room
Trading Scanners

You will see the LIVE-Scanners channel. This is where you can view the scanners we use throughout the day. We are constantly scanning the market for the best trade opportunities.

  • Scanners are great for day trading
  • Filters out stocks based on volume for both stocks and options
  • Insanely valuable tool that you will want to utilize
  • Small caps & large caps on scanners
  • Gap scans, momentum scans, short scans & more
  • Learn more about the Scanners channel here
LIVE scanners in the trading room
AI Bots & Feeds

AI Bots are another powerful tool worth looking into. Under the chat rooms, you’ll see the AI bots category. This is where info is piped in to see what the whales are buying and selling. 

AI bots in the Trading Room
Member Hub

The Alerts are in the Member-Hub which is where we send out the 3-5 trading alerts per week. These are the same alerts we send via our trade alert service.

  • Alerts
  • Breaking News
  • Swing Watch List
  • Bot Commands – An extremely powerful tool at your disposal, learn how to maximize it here
  • Request Admin – Reach out to admin for support
Breaking news is a powerful channel we want to highlight. So we made a helpful post on how to maximize the breaking news features of the Trading Room.
Member Hub in the Trading Room

Educational Course is under the Members-Hub. This is a complete course on what it takes to be a trader or investor that wants to trade stocks or options in the market. This beginner friendly course will help you build a foundation you can thrive off.  See a more detailed video blog on the trading course here.

Remember that you can become the trader you want to be, trading successfully is not rocket science, it’s actually quite simple. However, just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. Trading can be very challenging, even more so without the proper education. We cannot stress the importance of a solid foundation of trading education! It’s time to unlock the Pure Power Picks method of achieving your trading goals!

Education History

When it comes to online trading education, our team has multiple years of teaching and building powerful trading education. We have done this in the form of online courses, live webinars, and in person seminars. We’ve seen aspiring traders with zero experience become profitable traders, in a rather short time. We pride ourselves on having excellent member support and we focus on serving the most important information to traders in the most digestible way. 

Our team wants you to truly be successful, so we recommend you try your very best when going through the course that lies ahead. We also have ample experience in leading stock trading education courses and learning management. We’ve seen how the best trading educators go about their business from day-to-day. We have surrounded ourselves with successful traders, investors, and business professionals across the USA. We know what beginners need to know to maximize their trading opportunities, and it’s in this trading course.

Trader Resources

Additional trading resources include:

  • Helpful trading tips
  • Key terminology
  • Discord setup help
  • Popular trading tools
  • +other helpful info.
  • Here is where you can read our disclaimer and rules for the Trading Room. We recommend reading them!
  • Also, look for announcements to be made from inside here.
Trader Resources in the Trading Room

*Options and other data flow provided by TradyTics

 There’s a vast amount of power you can accumulate by using the Pure Power Picks Trading Room. Check out our Trading Room to learn more about our Education Course where we cover more technical indicators, patterns, analysis & more!  We hope we were able to enhance your trading knowledge. Please use the form below to get in contact with us!

We hope this Pure Power Picks Trading Crash Course helps you get the most out of your membership. The more you learn, the more you earn! If you have any questions or comments about anything on this page, feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch with us.