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Pure Power Picks & why we want to make trading easier!

Since conception in early 2020, the team at Pure Power Picks is committed to building a platform that helps the average retail trader or investor gain an edge in the market. There is no shortage of information or data in the market. In fact, information overload is a real thing and can be overwhelming to some, and even impair judgement.

Having been involved in the stock market for nearly a decade and a part of some of the biggest companies in the space, we’ve learned a thing or two about helping build the bridge between the average retail trader & the life long committed suits on Wall Street. It’s our goal to remove the noise and uncertainties around the information that is being fed to you, helping you hone in on only key, critical data that can help you make your own decisions more confidently.

Customer Support

Our mission is always putting the customer and their needs first!

Whether it’s our simplified Trading Alerts that are sent via email and text, or our community driven Trading Room on Discord, it’s our goal to deliver a high quality experience that is always putting the customer first.

We’ve built this company through the use of user feedback, while always striving to improve the quality of the services time and time again. Using experience from being part of some of the biggest names in this space, we’ve been able to cement our foothold as a go to Options Alert service since we opened our doors in early 2020.

Future Planning

Where we expect to take this business and our community in the future...

It’s our goal to be one of the top data and analytical platforms when it comes to monitoring stocks & options in the equities market. We will expand on our current services by offering a more robust and data rich platform for our customers. A platform to easily scan the market and help curate quality ideas without the need of being fed alerts.

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