How Our Trade Alerts Work

How Our Trade Alerts Work

This is a helpful blog for those who want to understand what to expect when signing up.

Here at Pure Power Picks we send out 3-5 trading alerts per week, both for stocks and options.

We send our alerts out during market hours throughout the week between 9:00am-4:00pm EST when opportunities present themselves. Some weeks there may be more alerts than others depending on market conditions.

The alerts will be delivered to our members via email and text message. The alert will include a brief synopsis for the trade idea. It will also state necessary, simplified information needed to take the trade. 

Long or short shares with a  specific price target for each trade.

Call options strike or put options strike at whatever specific price the strike is at the time.

The expiration date for all options trades will be included.

We also have a recommended profit goal & stop loss percentage for the options trades.

It’s up to you, the member, when to take action on the trade. However, the alerts we send can be taken immediately. 

Do we announce sells?

At this time, we do not announce sell alerts. We’re also unable to advise you on your position and tell you when to sell. We can, however, help you learn the skills and information you need to make these decisions on your own. We are here to help you!

Our traders are providing the potential trade ideas for our members list. The trades are not always executed the same by all of our traders, so there is no exact perfect sell signal. That being said, it is important to manage your positions based on your own account goals and targets. Your risk tolerance may be more/less than other traders. You might have a rule to sell at 30% gain on an options trade, where others might wait for a 50% gain. Our rule of thumb is to always take your profits. Over time you will be more accustomed to nailing down your own exits. We are definitely here to help you get there! Similarly, the size of the positions will also vary from trader to trader. The same can be said for exiting a trade on a stop order. Your risk tolerance might have you cap your losses at 30%, while other traders might keep a tighter risk stop.

Our targets are typically baked into our profit goals. For example, we will often set my first sells at 30% gain on an call or put option. With our swing trade strategy setups, these are often achievable, and allows us to not be chained to chart watching all day. We still use levels and targets on charts for our stops and entries.

We find it best to have a plan going into any trade. This means, knowing where I would stop out and where we  would take profits. If the trade doesn’t work how it was expected to, then it might have failed, and it’s best to move on and focus on something new. On the contrary, if we’ve met the profit goal, then it would make sense to close the position and take the win.

Are the alerts day trades or swing trades?

Most of our alerts are intended to be swing traded, however, it’s not uncommon for stocks to have favorable or unfavorable moves the same day they are alerted, making them day trades. In our opinion, it’s best to get out of the trade when you have reached your profit target or your stop is triggered.

We want our members to have every opportunity to take advantage of our alerts, if you have any questions, please reach out to us. We’ll be happy to help!

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