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$ 5 $5 7 Day Trial
  • Daily Trade Ideas
  • Unusual Options Activity & Large Sweeps
  • Momentum & Scalping Alerts
  • LIVE Stock & Options Scanners
  • Breaking & Headline News
  • Stock, Options, Crypto Chat Community
  • Education Access
  • Text/SMS Alerts
  • 24/7 Desktop & Mobile Access


$ 797 Yearly
  • Daily Trade Ideas
  • Unusual Options Activity & Large Sweeps
  • Momentum & Scalping Alerts
  • LIVE Stock & Options Scanners
  • Breaking & Headline News
  • Stock, Options, Crypto Chat Community
  • Education Access
  • Text/SMS Alerts
  • 24/7 Desktop & Mobile Access


$ 247 Quarterly
  • Daily Trade Ideas
  • Unusual Options Activity & Large Sweeps
  • Momentum & Scalping Alerts
  • LIVE Stock & Options Scanners
  • Breaking & Headlines News
  • Stock, Options, Crypto Chat Community
  • Education Access
  • Text/SMS Alerts
  • 24/7 Desktop & Mobile Access

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Do you dream of becoming proficient in stocks & options trading? Do you want to learn all the nuances and opportunities of this area? Don’t waste your time, and join the exclusive trading room. It is an innovative way that allows participants to experience the exciting world of trading.

Unlike traditional solitary trading, this approach creates a favorable atmosphere for collaborative work. Here, you can ask for help and compare your results with knowledgeable individuals. By regularly practicing this way, you can master trading faster. That is why we offer the trading course for beginners, as part of the trading room, to help ambitious traders achieve success.

Live Trading Room Includes

If you joined the trading club, you will probably want to know what awaits you there. First, you will have live communication through the Discord server. You will have the chance to discuss ideas, analyze the market, and communicate with other traders in real time, with participants from all over the United States and even the world!

The live trading room also includes valuable tools for successful trading. It provides up-to-date information and support at every stage of your trading activity. So, do you want to know more benefits you receive when joining the live trading room? Read below:

Chat Rooms for Day Traders

It is a great environment where you can practice with like-minded people. There, you have the opportunity to exchange exciting ideas and trading strategies. This way, you get real experience.

LIVE Stock & Options Scanners

The trading market is always moving and never standing still. Thus, it is crucial to monitor its growth and decline. Option scanners will help you by analyzing the live market. With their help, you can learn a variety of swing & day trading strategies.

Momentum & Scalping Alerts

Being quick to react is one of the most crucial trading abilities. And in the trading room, you will undoubtedly discover this. In the end, it provides you with access to tools via brief notifications. You will get a message as soon as a new trade alert hits the market.

Breaking & Headline Fresh News

Always be aware of new events and current information. The trading club includes providing news for its members. You will always be mindful of the latest events and crucial announcements. It will help you to adapt your strategies according to the current situation.

Education Access

Now you don’t need to waste time looking for useful materials to learn to trade. The live trading room provides all this. There you will find various educational materials to improve your knowledge effectively. It will help you understand the nuances of trading and improve your results.

Text/SMS Alerts

One of the most helpful benefits is the SMS alerts. By joining the trading community, you can receive trade notifications. You don’t need to watch the market constantly when you have these alerts. Trade alerts will be sent directly to your smartphone to give you an idea about opening a trade.

24/7 Desktop & Mobile Access

The trading room allows you to observe the market action and data anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t matter whether you gain access from a phone or a desktop. You can join the room from any device. This way you can react to market changes, even if you are on the road.

Trading Room Details
  • Our Trading Room is built on a Boosted Discord Server, one of the most popular and advanced platforms on the internet. 

  • Using Discord gives us the ability to bring in a wealth of information for traders in a digestible manner. The community chat room aspect creates an environment where traders come together and succeed.

  • Utilizing the open ended API Discord provides, we’re able to constantly update and enhance the experience by capitalizing on real market trends and information.

  • Easy to use mobile app, desktop app, & web browser capabilities at no extra cost. Paired with 24/7 access, this is a Trading Room you’ll never want to leave.

Trading Course for Beginners

Do you want to join the trading club but don’t know what results you will get? Start a trial today and discover the benefits of our platform like having access to the trading course for beginners.

Light Bulb Bright
    • Professionalism
      This course is developed by seasoned trading specialists. Based on their experience and mistakes, they created this study. Thus, it helps you learn and grow a large trading foundation from people’s experiences.

    • Providing important aspects
      We pay attention to the critical aspects of trading, so we tell our beginners about them. By joining the live trading room, you will cover market analysis, chart management, and trading psychology.

    • Discord
      An A-Z Beginners Course for traders is built right into Discord for easy access. So, as you go through the lessons, you will ultimately find out what kind of trader you are.

Core Values of the Trading Room


We know how difficult it is to start the path in trading. So, with the help of chat rooms for day traders, we want to make this task easier for you. We dispel all the complexities and lead you on an easy path to success.

Trading Data

The stock market changes every minute. Therefore, all the trading data is transferred daily to the trading club. Thanks to this, you will not miss important moments in the market.


Do not miss the most important events in the market and be able to analyze them. You will find the top news and exciting information in the live trading room. You will quickly learn about market activity day to day.

Diverse Strategies

Members of our room receive a variety of tools to help them advance in their trading careers.  You’ll find how stocks, options, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other financial instruments can be valuable to day and swing traders.

Try The Live Trading Room Now

It takes a lot of practice to develop your trading abilities. You should constantly improve your skills and create ideas. Luckily, you can do it with confidence in the trading room. By joining such a community, you can grow in the stock & options trading market. Would you like to join the trading room and the trading course for beginners? Visit Pure Power Picks. You will feel confident and be exposed to learning new things with a group of people who share your interests. It will give you a head start on developing in this field. If you don’t want to miss out on a great offer, we recommend you to take advantage of our Trade Alert Service. So, seize the chance and start your successful path immediately.

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