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Often referred to as unusual options activity, options sweeps or order flow. Monitoring the options order flow can give you an edge by allowing you to see big buyers and sellers. In the Trading Room, we have three main channels to monitor options flow and activity.

  1. Option Alerts
  2. Interesting Flow
  3. Large Sweeps

You will be able to see these in our Discord under the AI Bots category. You’ll only be able to see these if you’re a premium member of the Trading Room.

Using Discord & Getting Started

To join the trading room, you will need to…

How to Utilize the Order Flow

Options Alerts 

In this channel, you will see the AI bot posting semi-frequent trade ideas. These trade ideas are based on a unique algorithm that filters the options flow data into read to execute trades. This bot is working to anticipate entry movements with option contracts that it believes can pan out within a day or two. 

You will notice the wide range of ideas from short expirations to deeper expirations. Some will be for calls, some will be for puts. You will also notice the bot confidence, which can help guide your confidence as well. If there is a particular trade that catches your attention, we recommend doing your due diligence before entering a position.

Options Alerts in the Trading Room
Interesting Flow

In this channel, you’ll see the bot posting ideas of stocks that are having repeat and dominant options signals that have high success rate of hitting in the money. Each alert will have a detailed breakdown of the contract, the strike price, expiration, total volume, and the premiums that have been traded. 

Both calls and puts are shown here, and it even shows the strike price to stop price differential in dollar and percent value. This data is really strong for possible trade ideas because it shows where big money seems to be flowing consistently over multiple orders. We recommend doing your due diligence on top of this data flow for optimal success opportunity.

Interesting Flow in the Trading Room
Large Sweeps

By definition, large sweeps are high premium and large options sweeps that show conviction buyers., Which is another way of saying large option orders. We love this channel because there are many ideas that show up throughout the day. There’s always something showing up here throughout the day. It will have you popping up a chart and checking news to validate the trade idea. 

These sweeps are essentially a very simplified presentation of an alert. We see the ticker, strike, expiration and the premiums traded so far. We like to look for “golden sweeps” these are when the size of a sweep reaches a certain amount of premiums traded. These are considered high conviction sweeps. 

Due diligence, patience for a proper entry, and building your position(s) strategically is recommended when using these large-sweeps as trade ideas.

Large Sweeps in the Trading Room

*Options and other data flow provided by TradyTics

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