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We will talk about the education section in our Trading Room. Whether you are new to trading or a seasoned trader looking to brush up on some knowledge, having a solid foundation of wisdom in the market is fundamental to your success. We put together a comprehensive education section in our Trading Room. This will help you get familiar with the basics and need to know info when it comes to stocks and the market. 

This course will cover these subjects:

  1. Introduction
  2. Life of a Trader
  3. Equipment
  4. PDT Rule
  5. Finding Stocks with Scans & News
  6. Charting & Candlesticks
  7. Technical Analysis
  8. Moving Averages
  9. Most Recognized Trading Patterns
  10. Trading Stratgeies
  11. Fundamental Analysis
  12. Psychology & Managing Risk
  13. Options Basics & Trading, Greeks, Expiration
  14. Placing Orders
  15. Paper Trading
  16. Brokerages
  17. Tips & Thoughts
  18. Trading Terminology

You can find the course in the list of channels inside the education category which is under the Member Hub category of channels.

Basic Overview of the Trading Course

The course will cover everything from what to expect as a life for a trader, the equipment you will need, the most important terminology like the PDT rule, how to find stocks, use scanners and news feeds + much more. 

There is a detailed section on charting and candlesticks to help dial in your technical analysis. Learn how to identify bullish or bearish signals. Use the trading strategy section to hone in on a strategy that suits your trading style. Get familiar with the key aspects of fundamental analysis, managing your risk and understanding risk:reward ratios in your trading.  

Our course even goes into the psychology of trading and how you can better prepare yourself with the mental adversity you will face. Here’s a few highlights of the course, to give you a real good idea of what you can expect:

Options Trading

Are you looking for options trading information that will ensure you get started on the right foot?

This course covers extensive options trading knowledge. Learn what an option is, calls, puts, expirations, strike, implied volatility, Greeks, and other must know options info. 

This image is helpful for those looking to understand the effect of Implied Volatility of your options trade. You can expect to see all options topics covered in a detailed, yet simple manner like this. Learn more about options basics here.

Options Trading Course Chapter
Placing Orders

There are many different types of orders you can place to enter or exit a trade in the market. The tough part is deciding what kind of order you need to place for the given situation.

The course offers a description of each order type as well as examples of when you might want to use that specific type of order. Learn about the different types of orders, how to place orders and other vital aspects you’ll need to know. Get tips on where to set ideal stop losses, exiting trades, liquidity plus more actionable information.

Placing Orders Course Chapter
Risk to Reward Ratios

Might be some of the most important concepts for traders. These are critical in understanding if your trading strategy is profitable over time. The risk/reward ratio can help understand how much an investor can earn, for every dollar risked on an investment.

You can calculate risk vs. reward by dividing your net profit (reward) by the price of your max risk. A 3:1 reward:risk would be the risk of losing $50 for the chance to make $150.

We cover this in further depth in the Trading Course and are available if you have any questions.

Risk vs Reward Course Chapter
Trading Plans / Strategy

Because most patterns are designed to determine a signal of price action, they can provide entry and exit signals as well.

We have compiled some of the most popular trading chart patterns that can be used as a template for placing trades based on the respective strategy. It’s important to remember that these patterns are not ever going to guarantee results.

However, they surely give an edge to traders who use them correctly over time!

Trading Strategy Course Chapter

The course is easily digestible and will cover a-z, if you’re a beginner trader, you definitely want to study this course ASAP! There’s a vast amount of power you can accumulate by using the Pure Power Picks Trading Room. Check out our Trading Room to learn more about our Education Course where we cover more technical indicators, patterns, analysis & more!  We hope we were able to enhance your trading knowledge. Please use the form below to get in contact with us!

Using Discord & Getting Started

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We hope this video blog on getting the most out of the Trading Course we offer in out Trading Room. We want to help you get the most out of your membership. The more you learn, the more you earn! If you have any questions or comments about anything on this page, feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch with us.