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Monitor large option flow and track unusual options activity across the market

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Real time alerts for all trading sectors that give you an edge over the herd

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Find the stocks that everyone has their eyes on, be alert to the hottest stocks trending each the day

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Proprietary algorithms scan market data for the highest probability setups

A one stop shop for the serious retail traders​

Options data at your finger tips

Get ahead of the retail herd and unlock the power of options flow data to see what the big money whales are buying and selling.Β 

Options alerts

Let an AI bot use its proprietary algorithm to scan the market to anticipate intraday movements in options contracts

Unusual options activity

Track options flow data for consistent and prominent options signals that have a high success rate of reaching in the money

Large options sweeps

See what the biggest options traders on Wall Street and other whales are trading each and every day

Lightning fast breaking news & headlines

Be ahead of the competition and get breaking news and headlines streamed directly in our Trading Room

Breaking news on stocks

Get access to mid day press releases that can drive the price of a stock considerably up or down

Market data & reporting

See the economic data as soon as it's released to get an edge over the herd of retail traders

Community of traders

Stay in the know with a community of traders that are always helpful around the clock

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Easy access & usability

Whether you’re on the go or hunkered down at your trading station, you won’t be out of touch with what’s going on


Whether you are logging in from a browser or application, you can access the data anywhere with an internet connection


With a mobile app to support the data, you can stay tuned in no matter where you are in the world

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No matter what time of the day it might be, find a welcoming home in our community

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