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Breaking News Feeds for Trading is a Neccessity

Let’s cover the breaking news feeds we have in the Trading Room, what they are and where you can find them. Most importantly, learn how to take advantage of what the feeds have to offer. 

While the phrase breaking news or headlines are pretty self explanatory, there is value in understanding exactly what they entail in the context of the trading room. We have used many sources for feeding in news into the Trading Room, but ultimately settled on feeds that provide actionable insights. Also, you will see information and data that can help you understand why major sectors are moving, or exactly why Tesla, Nvidia, Meta or any other stock is up or down big percentages on the day.

We see daily headlines come through the wire, directly into our Trading Room in a matter of seconds. This allows traders to act accordingly in front of the herd of retail traders that get the news late. Here’s a few news categories you can expect to see popping off daily in the Trading Room:

  1. Trading Floor General News
  2. Breaking Trading News
  3. Crypto Breaking News
  4. Analyst Upgrades

Utilize Breaking Trading News Efficiently

You’re going to want to monitor these channels for information that can be relevant to your trading strategy! 

For example, if you see breaking news that Apple is slashing employees and closing some of their stores, you might want to think about pulling up the chart and see if the price action is reflecting the news as you would expect. This could provide a potential setup if you’re looking for a short trade. You might start to look for pops in price action to start a short in the big picture downtrend. Access to this news gives you an advantage in strategically approaching the market to your benefit.

This is just one example, and as a member of the Trading Room, you will see the power of getting actionable news day in and day out. Combine this with the other tools we offer to members, you’re really putting yourself and your mind in a great advantage to build your trading portfolio. We are in the Trading Room and we are happy to talk about current events around your trades, so please don’t hesitate to reach out or comment in the Trading Room!

Here’s another blog we wrote about utilizing breaking news that you may find valuable.

General Trading Floor Channel

This feed will display everything from big name earnings, reports, midday breaking news or whatever it may be. Whether it is stocks or other world dominating headlines. Overall it’s a well-rounded feed that is fit for the trading floor channel. 

This channel can be seen as a free member of the trading room. We encourage chatter in the room we want to interact with you about the markets no matter what your experience may be.

Trading Floor Action
Breaking Trading News Channel

This curated news feed resides in the dedicated trading-news channel. This is under the Member’s Hub. This category will likely include most of the information that is in the trading floor channel and then some. We would say it’s more stock market related and you will see a lot of reports you can study up on. This is the news we deem as ‘in-the-know’ and truly believe it’s an important trading tool. 

We encourage our members to make sure they know what is happening so each trading move they make is as informed as can be.

Trading News Feed
Crypto and NFT News

Self explanatory news feed here that you can also find in the Trading Room. If you’re interested in Cryptocurrency and the news surrounding it, this channel will be helpful. You will often see news on the most popular NFTs as well. 

One thing to remember is that when crypto is hot, there can be massive upside. With that, there can be extreme downside when there’s a cool off period as well. So, having a curated bout of strong news feed, you can mitigate your risk by knowing more.

Analyst Upgrades for Stocks

An upgrade refers to the positive change in an analyst’s outlook of a particular security’s valuation based primarily on that security’s improving fundamentals. The biggest benefit of an upgrade is that it lowers a company’s cost of capital, for both debt and equity. 

We stream in analyst upgrades in the Trading Room, in a condensed, digestible fashion. As you can see from the image, there is a wealth of information that you will have at your disposal daily.

Analyst Upgrade Channel Action

*Options and other data flow provided by TradyTics

Come join us as we watch breaking news in the trading room and let us know if you have any thoughts on what’s happening in the trading news world! There’s a vast amount of power you can accumulate by using the Pure Power Picks Trading Room. Check out our Trading Room to learn more about our Education Course where we cover more technical indicators, patterns, analysis & more!  We hope we were able to enhance your trading knowledge. Please use the form below to get in contact with us!

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We hope this video blog on using breaking trading news in the Trading Room helps you get the most out of your membership. The more you learn, the more you earn! If you have any questions or comments about anything on this page, feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch with us.