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Members are able to upgrade their subscriptions from within their account. Note: Upgrading will automatically replace your current subscription so once you upgrade. If you are upgrading in the middle of your current subscription the remaining time will be prorated and the remaining amount will be discounted from your new subscription.

1. Log into your account (If you are already logged in the account page will populate.

2. Once in your account, click “Subscriptions”

3. Within the subscriptions tab you will see the option to “Change Plan”
4. After selecting “Change Plan” you will see a pop up option to upgrade your subscription. Click the drop down and select your desired upgrade option, then click “Select Plan”
5. This will take you to the checkout page where you will be able to enter any coupon code you may have and complete the transaction.
If you have any questions about upgrading, let us know and we will be happy to help!

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