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Accessing the Pure Power Picks Trading Room

The Following instructions will walk you through accessing the Pure Power Picks Trading Room in Discord.

1. After signing up for the Trading Room at, You will be redirected to the confirmation page. On this confirmation page, you will find the button as well as link to access the Pure Power Picks Discord server that hosts our Trading Room (this link was also emailed to you after signing up).

You can also find the same message on your member dashboard. Link:

2. After clicking the button or link, you will be taken to and asked to sign in or sign up.

3. After signing up/signing in, you will be taken to the Pure Power Picks Trading Room in Discord.

Notice: If you were not taken to the Pure Power Picks Trading Room in discord, please follow these substeps:

  •  Click the “+” button on the left side of the discord window to “add a server”.
  • A Prompt will pop up asking you what you would like to do. Click “Join a Server” at the bottom of the prompt.
  • You will then be asked what server you would like to join, Paste this link into the field and click “Join Server” 

4. Now that you are in the Pure Power Picks Trading Room you will notice you are only able to see the #welcome channel. In order to proceed you will need to activate your account. This will allow you to access all of the channels that are included in your Trading Room membership.

Activating Your Access

Once you enter the Pure Power Picks Trading Room, the “Member Activation” bot will send you a direct message.

You will need to send a few messages to the “Member Activation” bot in order to activate your access. Please follow the instructions below. If an error occurs at any step in the process, please use the contact form below to get in touch with our support team.

1. You will need to reply to this message to activate and verify your subscription.
Notice: When replying, you will need to use your email address that you used when signing up at (do not use your discord email address unless it is the same as your Purepowerpicks email address).

2. You will need to reply to the “Member Activation” bot with the following command using your email address in place of


3. The “Member Activation” bot will reply to let you know if the activation was successful and that a verification code was emailed  to you.

4. Check your email and grab that verification code.
Notice: These verification codes do time out after 15 minutes. If the code doesn’t work, jump back to step 2 of this “Activating Your Access” walkthrough.

5. Once again you will need to reply to The “Member Activation” bot with the following command:
!verify the verification code that was emailed to you

6. The “Member Activation” bot will reply with another confirmation that you are verified and you should see all of the channels in the discord open up.
Tip: Here is a screenshot of how the whole conversation should look (please note: the name you will see in the screenshot below shows “PurePower Bot” which has been changed to “Member Activation”).


Once you have done this, you will be assigned the “Trader” role and will have full access to all of the premium channels. 

Welcome to the Trading Room!

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